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Move to animeblogger [09 Jun 2007|04:42pm]
haruda_anime has officially moved to animeblogger.net. If anyone was still waiting for updates on this thing, please head over there, as I will try my best to write better entries more often.
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Hana Yori Dango dorama Season II - 01 [12 Jan 2007|11:33pm]

I revive this blog (Um, I've been really busy with studying and will continue to be so this semester, which is why I haven't been around.) for nothing other than... hanadan season 2!!

I had no clue this was coming and only found out maybe a day before it aired, and needless to say, I am excited. If it seems as if I'm understanting things, that's because I'm trying to not come across like a complete fangirl. There are tons of "Aieeeeeeee!"s and "Kyaaaaaaaa!"s just waiting to come through. (In fact, I squeeeeed at my boyfriend after I finished watching it. Hanadan makes me happy!)

So. Ahem. My main thought on this first episode is that Tsukasa is a jerk, to put it nicely, but I'll be damned if I don't want to see Tsukushi and him end up together again. They're so... so... I don't know. But, whatever they are, they're definitely my #1 favorite couple out of any anime, manga, or dorama I've ever seen or read.
I also just noticed now, after watching the whole first season totally unaware, that Tsukasa doesn't use the pronounce "ore." Well, he does in a way, I guess, but he actually says "ore-sama." WTF. In my personal opinion, that doesn't work in his favor. Of course that doesn't matter, however, because he loves Tsukishi and they're soooo awesome togehter! Not even this episode, with apathetic!Tsukasa and suprise fiance can make me believe in anything other but a happy ending for them.

Note how "OMG Tsukasa and Tsukushi foreverrr!" is the one thing I keep mentioning. Please excuse me; I'll try my best to comment on the other aspects of the episode:

Junpei seemed like the nice guy to go for at first, perhaps even a better rebound than Rui, but then he turned into a psychotic freak. I guess it would've just been too nice of a solution. He had a funny nose though.
"Onee-san," whose actual name I forget, is sort of extravagent. Why would she show up and randomly buy Tsukki a $2,200 dress? And then save her and take her out to eat?
Surprise fiance girl is actually not a bad character, except that apparently in the next episode she decides that she does like Tsukasa, so I guess she'll get annoying. Oh, the drama!

I guess this can all be summed up with "Hanadan is back!!" If the season progresses like this episode did, I'll be very happy.

On a side note, I made my boyfriend watch the beginning, since I thought he'd find Tsukki's English hilarious, and he seemed pretty entertained by the whole thing. So even if you're not a dorama fan, watch it, because the acting is so... Japanese, and everything is so unreal that it is quite funny.
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Jyu-Oh-Sei - 04 - 11 [27 Aug 2006|05:08pm]

I finished off Jyu-Oh-Sei after my boyfriend and I now finally finally finally have our own internet connection at our apartment and I can now download a decent amount of stuff again.

So, I do have some complaints to start out with:
-No 15-year-old looks like grown up Thor. I'm sorry, but at that age you're not a man, appearance-wise, but just a little twerp. Instead, they drew him to look around my age (19), which is completely nonsensical.
-There is no way he loved Karin. It's easy to forget, but as stated above the show claimed he was only 15, and while he surely could've loved someone as a little sister, I believe that real romantic love was still a bit far out for him. Lust, my friend, you were just in lust. Actually, had he only said "suki" it would've still been ok, but he just had to start with "aishiteru." Christ.

As for the good:
-Earth had been obliterated. Yay yay yay.
-Third's suicide.
-The end (as in, the last 2 or 3 episodes), with the exception of the complaints above.

Unlike many fangirls, I totally did not see the gay. Maybe a bit between Zagi and Thor, if you hope really hard, but Thor was still lusting after women. I did, of course, see the eye-candy, but it wasn't integral to the story (except for Thor apparently being so pretty that everyone was always fawning over him). More importantly, it had a story, although I've read that the manga is better.

Speaking of the manga, I swear that I've seen the chapter where they go to stop Valkyre and the Verasona attacks and Thor valiantly defeats it in an issue of LaLa. Not an old issue of LaLa, either, but sometime between 2002 and 2004. So it wasn't the original one, whatever it was (and I thought that they were only adapting that for the anime).

Overall, it was quite good, but not the level of awesomeness that I had hoped for and that the first few episodes had promised. Perhaps I shouldn't have high expectations anymore, because much of what I really look forward to fails (in my eyes).
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Ergo Proxy - 04 - 08 [04 Jul 2006|02:13pm]

A lot of what attracted me to Ergo Proxy in the first place was it's droolable visuals and the kick ass action sequences (such as in ep 3). I don't know what happened, but the animation quality has gone down the drain and the concentration of awesome scenes has sadly declined. Not that I no longer like it; I just no longer see it as anything to drool over in awe induced stupor.
Don't get me wrong - there's still quite some eyecandy throughout, but the quality of the fansubbed files isn't exactly great. It's probably made worse by the dark and dreary color palette (much like Basilisk, whose dark scenes looked horrendous). Perhaps the DVD release will be better; I hear the Japanese one is excellent, but who knows what we'll get over here. Not that I have money to spend on it, anyway.
However, the characters do look off at times. Or, as is the case with Real, they don't look bad but just different from scene to scene.

So, that was the bad. On the other side of things, Pino is awesome; I love her as a character. Most adorable android ever.
The OP is awesome, MONORAL are awesome, and I can thank Ergo Proxy for ever knowing who they are. (Sort of like with The Delgados through Gunslinger Girl.)

"Riru"'s name has finally been shown to actually be "Real." (Or Re-l.) From the beginning I thought that Ril looked way more awesome than Lil (and Lil beats Real), but this is just the way it is, I suppose.
I'm incredibly dense, as I think I stated in the Noein entry, but I didn't realize until now that Mosco = Moscow. That way, maybe the Russian in the OP isn't just there for the sake of looking pretty.
It's finally shown that Vince is Proxy, which I guessed in ep 3. It doesn't seem that it's a transformation though, at least not of Vince's physical body; Proxy sort of shows up and Vince's body is also still there.

Also, argh, cliffhanger (regarding Real)!
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Kashimashi - 04 - 12 [03 Jul 2006|05:35pm]

There are a few things that must be said:
Oh, no, a beach episode!
Oh, no, a "festival of some kind for which everyone wears a yukata" episode!
A dog named... Fermata?

Kashimashi wins when it focuses on the shoujo-ai love triangle but fails when it focuses on anything else. Idiotic comedy? Fanservice? General stupidity? A harem? It's all there!
Well, at least some credit can be given to the fact that the harem may be there and everyone in the whole world apparently likes Hazumu, but the focus is still on the love triangle (and any other pairings are quite unfathomable). However, for all of that it fails by going back and forth so many times that I simply no longer care. Is she/he going back to Tamaki? Is she/he staying with Yasuna? Who knows; there's apparently another OVA episode coming that may or may not wrap things up properly. I, for one, don't care and view myself as having finished watching Kashimashi.

The problem lies with the middle episodes. I greatly enjoyed the first few and the last episodes, as they were mainly focused on the shoujo-ai drama. I guess that wasn't enough material for 12 episodes, so the horrible filler crap in the middle made me want to fast forward through most of ep 5 through 9. Yasuna's condition was ridiculous. Of course the whole premise was ridiculous, but it was allowed to be ridiculous because it was a set up for silly shoujo-ai fluff. I was rooting for Yasuna, you know, liking girls instead of only not liking men because she can't see them properly because of some alien illness. Boo.

Overall, I'm not that happy with it. I wanted a silly shoujo-ai love triangle and got yet another harem type anime. Well, at least any scene that involved a confession or a kiss or anything like that was super cute. (Like this. Awwwwwwww.)
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Noein - 13 - 23 [03 Jul 2006|01:53pm]

Oh, Noein (the show, not the character), with your parallel timespace musings, I am madly in love with you. I'm sorry that I waited almost half a year to watch more of you, and I promise to buy you on DVD as soon as you come out starting in October.

(Spoilers follow, as always.)

I remembered writing and thinking terribly negative things about Atori, and I was not mistaken: "I thought Atori was finally out of the picture, but then he futzed around some more, being overly annoying. Gah, he just needs to die. Or disappear. Whatever." (From one of my previous entries.)
I completely take that back. Never before has my mind made such a 180 degree turn about what it thought of a character (or at least I can't remember it doing so), but Atori has changed into a character I brand as "totally awesome." Most of that is from cuddly "oh no I forgot everything" Atori, but even semi-normal Atori after that was changed. Maybe it was due to Miho's interaction with him (that he changed my opinion so drastically, that is)?

Noein is Karasu and Yuu. Whoa, holy crap, major plot twist. Or, I suppose I'm just too dim to see things like this ahead of time. I had no idea; I was just happily blundering along and my mind was apparently too focused on just the two timespaces, this Haruka's and Lacryma, and the idea of a miriad of them (but without really thinking that, hey, that might mean Noein is someone as well) to really spend any time thinking in anything going anywhere near that direction.

I'm such a sap that ep 22 made me tear up (the part with Ai and Isami), and I'm so angsty that I agree with Noein. Break down all barriers between timespaces! Make humans stop seeing one another and loose all physical presence, to exist only in consciousness and oblivion!
The actual character of Noein is the bad guy who you feel sorry for but still don't really like (plus he's a crazy blue glowing thing, sort of); his ideas are what I agree with.
I'm getting EVA vibes (albeit severely weakened EVA vibes) from it, just that it all makes such wonderful sense.

Also, the soundtracks are wonderful, although I think I prefer the first version of Shangri-La more than the second battle song.

Finally, much like the His Dark Materials trilogy made little 10th grade me read about dark matter in the very back of my Physics book, although I understood nothing of it, I now dread taking Physics a little less. Just to, you know, actually know how much of the technobabble is utter nonsense and how much is based (based, mind you) on fact. I'm sure that'll change once I realize that, oh no, I won't be learning about quantum physics.
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Ayakashi - 05 - 11 [02 Jul 2006|05:54pm]

Ayakashi is, quite simply put, a bit lackluster throughout, or at least during the first two story arcs. I'm not sure what exactly causes it to leave such an impression, but nothing about it really ensnared my mind. "Mediocre" comes to mind as the one word to describe it.

While the character designers themselves might be awesome (particularly Amano, of course), the translation of this to an animated work doesn't really fare well. Sure, the couple of key scenes (seen in the above screenshots) are lovely, but the rest is marred by shoddy animation and production values. The notable exception to this is, of course, the last story arc (ep 9 - 10), which makes up for its low quality animation by style and general awesomeness. In fact, it was the reason I had any desire to finish watching Ayakashi at all.

The stories, too, are nothing to write home about, except for, once again, the last. Ah yes, Bake Neko. The shining light in the murky sea of "meh" that is the rest of Ayakashi. At first it hits you with a big "WTF?!" and then, once you start figuring out what's actually going on, it's nothing other than awesome. It's not even that complex of a story, but it's every bit as gripping and suspenseful as the first two stories weren't and the characters are actually interesting.

I don't mean to sound terribly negative; it certainly wasn't horrible or anything. It's just that it was something I had such high expectations for because the premise sounded absolutely awesome but then it came out and it was like... "That's it...?"

Overall, it's been my least favorite show out of those that have graced the noitamina timeslot, since even Bake Neko can't fully make up for the other two.
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Back From Hiatus... Sort Of [02 Jul 2006|03:35pm]

I still don't have a stable internet connection yet (meaning I don't have a connection on which I can download 5+ episodes a day), but I decided that it wouldn't hurt to download one or two every now and then. Further, I still have a lot of stuff (on the laptop, my desktop, and the external hard drive) that I haven't watched yet, so I figured that I might as well do that.

In other words, I expect to be back to blogging regularly, although maybe not at the rate of an entry or more a day.

Also, I looked up some of the things that are coming out now/in the near future, and have found some more shows other than hachikuro 2 and Bokura ga Ita that I more or less look forward to (Chevalier, Night Head Gensis, NHK, Innocent Venus, and Kemonozume, mainly). Perhaps I'll somehow blog those (or at least hachikuro).

On top of that, I've realized that this blog thing here is a bit more than 2 years old now, although I missed the exact anniversary date. How time flies; it seems like yesterday when I started in order to unclutter my other LJ. There was also not such an incredible amount of anime blogs at the time; they've really sprung up in the last half year or so.

Anyway, so that's me saying "I'm back!" while trying to write something more than just the two words "I'm back." :D
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Hiatus [21 May 2006|09:49pm]
I've recently moved into an apartment with no internet connection (yet). Some guy has an unsecured wireless network so that's alright for things like this, but I can no longer download a million things a day. Thus I can't stay updated on the current season at all, not to mention whatever comes out this summer. Maybe I'll go back to some older shows in the meantime, maybe not; I don't know.

I have no clue when I'll be back, basically. ;_;
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Jyu-Oh-Sei - 01 - 03 [05 May 2006|06:58pm]

This took me a while because I first watched the episodes raw, since the subs were coming out awfully slowly, and then the torrent link for episode two was just episode one all over again. So until that was fixed some time went by and I didn't get around to watching the two latest (fansubbed, at least) episodes until today. And I never posted and entry for the first episode, either.

Jyu-Oh-Sei... where to start? I hadn't heard much about it until a week or two before it aired, but then it quickly turned into my most anticipated show for the Spring season. To list all of the things that made me instantly think "OMG AWESOME!!": it's produced by bones, it's based on a manga that was serialized in some Hakuensha magazine (I want to say Lala, my favorite shoujo manga mag, but I'm pretty sure it was some other one), it's josei Sci-Fi, and it has Oguri Shun voicing one of the characters.

Yes, Oguri Shun!! Excuse me for being a fangirl, but his voice turns me into a puddle of squeeing goo. I believe this is the first time I've gone ga-ga over a seiyuu (although as far as I know he's an actual actor, even though he's taken on a few roles), but it's Oguri Shun! (Hanazawa Rui, eee!)

I'm also one of the only people who likes the OP.

Tiz is so adorable. However, I don't see how she's the Sun Ring's Second; she didn't seem very strong. Thor, on the other hand, is apparently good at everything - and he hasn't even turned twelve!
Most of the characters are awesome, in fact, except for Rai. I hope he doesn't come back, ever.

All in all it's pretty much managed to live up to my insanely expectations (unlike, oh, Ayakashi).

On a random note, I've had this blog for a bit over two years now. How time flies by.
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Honey and Clover - Special Chapter F [04 May 2006|09:30pm]

More hachikuro! And then there's the second season coming up (after Jyu-Oh-Sei finishes, as far as I understand it)! Oh, how I love it.

It's wonderful to see the good old characters involved in more crazy antics; both stories (Yamada's group dating disasters and the horrible, horrible shirts) were quite hilarious. I can't put my finger on why it's so great, but it is.
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Ouran High School Host Club - 04 [04 May 2006|01:37pm]

The fansubbers translated "seme" into "attacker"! Weird. People (the people that would even be laughing at the joke in the first place) are familiar with the term "seme," not "attacker."

It's amazing how pretty much the same jokes used over and over again still remain entertaining. I suppose my mind just doesn't require any sophisticated humor.

This episode's main attraction is Renge, the crazed dating sim otaku. (There's always something in each episode that I just have to see - last time it was the physical examination, this time it was Renge, and I just can't live without seeing the next episode's fight between the twins.) Perhaps it's funnier when you're a fangirl yourself, but Renge is hilarious. And the movie she made was, too.

The only annoying thing so far is Honey - I really really dislike shota.

Also, it's interesting to see "moe" used for a totally different type of characters; I'm just used to seeing it for cute female characters, so it's weird to see it applied to a male character. Of course it can be used for anything that the viewer feels a certain type of attraction for, as far as I understand, but I see it so predominantly used by males to describe females that that's what I automatically think of.
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The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi - 05 [04 May 2006|01:01pm]

Damnit, I've gotten extremely close to converting to Haruhiism, too. However, while I find the show itself awesome, Haruhi herself gets on my nerves sometimes. Thus at times she's awesome (and Haruhiism seems like the way to go) but at others she's just annoying. And loud. And she bullies poor Mikuru around.
So, while many other converts think that Haruhi is the best thing ever, I just think the actual show is. It's kind of like how I love PaniPoni Dash! but think that Becky is one of the most annoying characters ever (although Haruhi is still bearable at her worst).
On top of that, the explosion of this fandom is quite fascinating. The novels are storming Amazon.co.jp, it's already #2 on ANN's top 10, a dance craze has started, and quite a large percentage of anime bloggers is caught up with it. Crazy.

Anyway, so the beginning of this episode totally rocked. I had read a couple of spoilers (just enough to let me know what each character really is but not enough where I know the whole story) so I sort of knew what was coming, but the explanation, which was giving off EVA-vibes, still kicked ass. Or maybe I just like weird camera angels and black backgrounds with text and stuff a little too much.

I believe Mikuru is one of the only female characters I squee over. But, oh, she's just so adorable and you just want to huggle her and protect her from evil Haruhi... and that's scary, because it's totally moe~
I'm quite close to making a picture of her my wallpaper, in fact, but I'm a bit reserved about other people catching a glimpse of a large image of a moe meido with big boobage and glasses being stripped by an insane girl.

Overall, it's a sci-fi comedy with aliens and espers and time travelers, just like Haruhi's movie!
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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - 02 - 04 [01 May 2006|10:42pm]

I swear I so did not watch this instead of studying more Chem. <.<

Much like the first episode, Higurashi is fairly hit and miss throughout; whenever someone's not going batshit insane, it's sort of bland and boring.

Further, it's rarely actually scary. Other bloggers are stating that it genuinely creeped them out, but I only found a select few scenes borderline creepy (and I'm one of those people who will be frightened for days after watching a horror movie), namely Rena standing outside of Keiichi's window, Rena suddenly appearing behind him with the axe, and the fingers getting slammed in the door scene. Other than that, the remaining scenes that were no doubt meant to be unsettling are interesting but not scary.

In fact, Rena's already infamous "USO DA!!" from the second episode was quite underwhelming. Maybe because I knew it was coming somewhere?

The ending of episode 4 leaves me no other choice than the watch more of it, however, because it's turned out to be yet another show where I'd like to find out what the hell is actually going on.
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The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi - 01 - 04 [01 May 2006|07:39pm]

It's gotten to me, too! Haruhi seemingly came out of nowhere and attacked the majority of anime bloggers out there to make them instantaneously fall in love with it, but I resisted it! More like, I had other stuff to watch and did not deem Haruhi to be high enough on my "OMG MUST WATCH!!" list for me to, well, watch it. But now I have. And I like it.
However, I don't think it's the best thing since sliced bread and I fail to see why it's THE big thing at the moment.

The first episode was arguably the most amusing, with the bad acting and the bad effects and the horrible camera work and poor Mikuru dressed up like that. Mikuru BEAM!!

Parts of episode four made very little sense and were pretty confusing, but they were sort of cool at the same time. Cool enough to keep me watching because I want to find out what the hell just happened, damnit.

For example, does Haruhi know about the others? Does Dan Simmons's Hyperion (this) have any relevance to the story? What is Haruhi? What is this?

Mikuru is adorable. The one thing Haruhi kept descibing her as was "moe" (which was translated as a few different things, none of which I remember). (Basically, I think it would've come across better if they had just used "moe" in the subs; I'm assuming that most people who'd even be watching it know what it means.) I don't know how I feel about liking a character that's the epitome of moe, but she's just too freaking cute.

UPDATE: It's so insane that it makes people make videos like this.
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Nana - Live Action Movie [01 May 2006|06:42pm]

The thought of live action adaptions of manga or anime may make me slightly uncomfortable, but Nana is one of those that could work - it's a shoujo drama, after all, so nothing supernatural (unlike, say, Sailor Moon). It's adaptability-ness is about on par with that of hanadan, and we all know how awesome the live action hanadan was (or, rather, how cheesy and over the top but still so unbearably cute that it made me squee like a rabid fangirl).

For the most part, Nana fares well. The main qualms I have with it aren't the handling of the story but rather the acting and the actors' appearances. The two Nanas looked good, although Hachi was VERY hyperactive (that smile, ugh) and Nana was as thin as Ai Yazawa's drawings (Seriously, her legs were like sticks.), but the male characters were sort of off. Shouj in particular was nothing less than ugly and even Ren was kind of "eh" like. There was something very, very weird about his upper body that I can't put my finger on, too. As for the acting, well, it's like in any other Japanese live action things I've seen, although most of it was ok. Nana O was quite possibly the best of them.

On the upside... it was so adorable! Nothing much really happens as it's pretty much completely focused on the characters, but it's so good and angsty at parts and such a total chick flick that I can't help but love it. The friendship between Nana and Nana makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and the scene where Nana and Ren take a bath together is so cute. As is the kiss in the scene with the cake. As is the kiss between Nana and Hachi, although it's more like a quick little peck than the one I remember from the manga. To top it off, there was definitely shoujo-ai potential there, or at least Hachi's admiration of Nana, if you can call it that, sort of pushed it in that direction. Of course they both have their relationships, but I like to believe that there's something more than just any regular friendship between the two. In other words, if Nana somehow were a guy, I think they'd totally be together.

Er, basically it once again appeals to everything inside of me that shoujo things happen to appeal to, whatever that may be. (The really girly me... scary.)
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Ouran High School Host Club - 03 [21 Apr 2006|04:07pm]

Ok, so the twincest fanservice isn't all that bad after all. Maybe it's just because it's thrown at the viewer every other minute, but it's something I'd call quite pleasant by now. It just takes some getting used to, I guess. The fangirls in the show are crazy, however, and thus so amusing to watch.

After lights and teacups, this episode features a kite!

To tell you the truth, I don't know how much I'd like the show if Tamaki weren't as over the top as he is or if Tamaki + Haruhi wasn't such an adorable pairing.
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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - 01 [20 Apr 2006|02:36pm]

The humor fails almost every time (It's just not funny to the point of being almost painful to watch.), the harem stuff is really annoying, and most of the character designs make me want to throw up (that hue of green for the hair... ugh), but I hear it gets creepier. If anything, it succeeded in making me curious as to what the big mystery is, so I'm sticking it out for at least a few more episodes.

Basically, it depends on if the goodness of the "horror" parts can manage to outweight the immense suckiness of everything else.

The OP is as awesome as the ED most definitely is not.
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Ouran High School Host Club - 02 [16 Apr 2006|11:39pm]

I have to admit it: I like the Tamaki/Haruhi pairing. I like it a lot. (Or, rather, I think that Tamaki blushing over her is the cutest thing ever.) Forget the twincest fanservice (which is nice except that twincest isn't really my thing to begin with). Forget other couples. These two are just major cuteness.

In other words, this show turns me into a squeeing puddle of fangirl goo.
The abundance of roses and the cherry blossoms and the tea cups and the... the girliness of it all! It's like the really really girly side of me which I often try to deny is popping out and taking over my brain for 25 minutes and thus I love it.
It's not that there's anything spectacular about it, actually, but something about it just appeals to me a whole lot. The humor? The art? The aforementioned girliness? I don't know, but it works.

Speaking of the art, that scene in front of the large window (sort of similar to the most striking one in the first episode) was quite beautiful.

Also, Haruhi is awesome as a guy and a girl.
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xxxHolic - 01 [12 Apr 2006|11:47pm]

I'm way behind on keeping up with CLAMP's works, which means that I haven't read the manga for this. (Nor did I ever get into Tsubasa Chronicles; the last thing I had any interest in was Gohou Drug.)

Anyway, but the anime looks to be good, at least when compared to much of the rest of this season. (I've checked out Utawarerumono and Zegapain, in other words, and was anything but impressed.) In fact, I wasn't really sure what to expect since the only thing I've ever seen mentioned for the series was that it was by CLAMP and some pictures of that woman (whose name I immediately forgot upon hearing it). As for the plot, I had no idea, which allowed for quite a pleasant surprise - it's right down my alley! It had me hooked during the first few minutes. Weird spirits? Mystery? Humor? It's all there! I hear the manga is even better.

I quite enjoyed some of the background music, too, as in the background music in the shop. It reminded me of something from Zelda OoT - that music that plays in the Poe shop (and some other places, I think). It's kind of sort of similar as far as I remember, or maybe I'm just going insane.
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